It’s Bourbon Season!!!!

November 30, 2022

Winter weather came in with fury this year, this 23* morning is not my favorite. However, a warm cider and bourbon sure does sound pretty tasty. The thing I love most about Doc Windle Bourbon is how warm and cozy it makes me at the end of the night. One sip and my belly is warm and toasty… ok ok now I’m in the mood for one! Hold on one second while I make some warm and cozy goodness.

5 minutes later….

I’m back! Now as I sip this wonderful Doc Cider let’s chat about Bourbon in all her glory!

Working with Spring House I’ve had the oppurtunity to learn so many things about the behind the scenes, and fun facts that I never would’ve known had I not been with the distillery. Let’s see if you learn anything new today with this fun fact list!

  • Charred-Oak literally means the barrels are set on fire! There are different levels of char that barrels can have and that is extremely important for how the final product of the bourbon will ultimately taste.
  • The angels get a share. As bourbon ages in the barrel a % is lost due to evaporation. It is called the angels share. The climate you are in will affect the amount of the angel share lost during the aging process.
  • Bourbon does not have to be distiled in Kentucky. It must only be made here in the US.
  • 70% of bourbon drinkers are male, come on ladies!
  • 13% of Americans regularly drink bourbon.
  • Bourbon is the most regulated spirits production process in the world!
  • The color of bourbon is developed during the aging process.
  • Lastly, it’s time to get a glass and enjoy some Doc Windle.

Did you learn something new today? If not do you have your glass of Doc in your hand? No…. well we can fix that. Place your order today 😊

As always drink responsibly, and enjoy!


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