Peppermint infused vodka!

December 11, 2022

Hey there!

This rainy weather has me feeling pretty blah, so I decided to grab my bottle of 17 Hands and have some fun. I ran to the Christmas tree and snagged one of the candy canes and a peppermint infused vodka came to life! This martini is so simple and packs such a festive flavor it is an absolute must!

I really like peppermint so I made sure to pack some peppermint punch into my martini by letting it soak awhile, but the beautiful thing about this infusion is how easily you can tailor it to fit your taste! Pour some of that 17 Hands vodka into your chilled martini glass and drop in a piece of the candy cane. Let it soak (or be impatient like I was and stir that baby) until the pink starts to shine through. My martini was a deep pink by the time I loved the flavor, but even before that it had a gentle peppermint notes.

This is a total winner for holiday parties, and it’s so simple you can make it and forget about it while you do all the other party prep.

Enjoy this festive fun martini, and as always drink responsibly.

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