Sip Notes: By Jennifer Litwin

April 7, 2022

The word whiskey translates to ” water of life.” In many ways, our home believes that statement to be true. On its own whiskey has the power to create these incredible memories, however, if you can learn how to enhance its pure essence you can craft beautiful moments that may last a lifetime. I learned to respect whiskey early on and have loved it ever since. My first sip with my grandfather on the back of his boat while fishing in the summer heat, with a simple whiskey and coke is something I’ll never forget. The smell of that drink even now years later brings me back to the simplicity of that day. Since then I’ve learned to treasure all of the details that whiskey has to offer, and I’ve crafted recipes both for the beginner as well as the expert and everyone in between.

In this book you will find

  • The basic tools to help you craft your own cocktails
  • Popular classic whiskey cocktails
  • Exclusive cocktails handcrafted for this book
  • The history and stories behind the drinks

Find the book on Amazon for $9.99! All drinks are made to work with our spirits specifically!

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