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Saint Malachi Rum (375ml)

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The Saint Malachi Church near Doe Run is one of most beautiful areas I’ve found in all of my travels.  The parish is the oldest continuously occupied in Chester County.  The church has seen countless weddings and is the final resting place for many over more than 300 years of it’s existence.

As the parish was built, Rum was being brought to the colonies and sailors had discovered that on long voyages the spirit improved significantly.  Our Rum is born from local molasses in a traditional recipe that has survived for centuries.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of St Malachi Rum will go into a building and grounds maintenance fund to help ensure future generations can witness weddings, honor those that pass and participate in events such as “The Blessing of the Hounds”

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1 review for Saint Malachi Rum (375ml)

  1. Henry Davidson

    Even in a young stage, this Rum is building incredible character. You can distinguish that it is a Spring House Spirits product by the incredible smoothness and buttery feel it has as you sip. Looking forward to the fully finished product!

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