Fall Weather

September 30, 2022

Fall hit us hard here in PA over the past few days. Our warm weather disappeared practically overnight and the chilly temps have hit! For us that means warm hot ciders on the porch, campfires, and cozy blankets! We love sharing a boozy cider with our friends, and in todays case we are using Doc Windle Bourbon to give our ciders some pizazz!

Boozy Doc Cider:

11/2 oz Doc Windle Bourbon ( or pour with your heart, we dont judge here)

2 tsp local honey

1/2 cup hot apple cider

cinnamon stick

The details:

Heat your cider on the stove, I like to do it in a pot. Add your honey, and stir! When everything is mixed and warmed up pour that cider into your mug! Top with Doc Windle bourbon, and stir with a cinnamon stick! Drop the cinnamon stick in your mug, itll soak up all the boozy goodness and flavor your cider! Enjoy!

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