Month: September 2022

Fall Weather

Fall hit us hard here in PA over the past few days. Our warm weather disappeared practically overnight and the chilly temps have hit! For us that means warm hot ciders on the porch, campfires, and cozy blankets! We love sharing a boozy cider with our friends, and in todays case we are using Doc Windle Bourbon to give our ciders some pizazz!


Boozy Doc Cider:

11/2 oz Doc Windle Bourbon ( or pour with your heart, we dont judge here)

2 tsp local honey

1/2 cup hot apple cider

cinnamon stick

The details:

Heat your cider on the stove, I like to do it in a pot. Add your honey, and stir! When everything is mixed and warmed up pour that cider into your mug! Top with Doc Windle bourbon, and stir with a cinnamon stick! Drop the cinnamon stick in your mug, itll soak up all the boozy goodness and flavor your cider! Enjoy!


Let’s talk glassware!

Hey there friend!

Have you ever seen someone bring their own glassware to a bar, or tasting? I’m sure if you have one of your first thoughts may have been something along the lines of what a snot! Trust me I was there once too, I would have absolutely thought they were being a little rediculous. However, there is actually science behind the glassware you use and how your spirits taste!

Let’s dive in shall we?!

Essentially the different types of glassware that we have available now, have evolved to make our spirits and cocktails taste better. The glassware is desiged to accentuate the aroma, colors, flavors, and hold the temperature of the cocktail. Many times they also assist the bartender in proper serving sizes.

For example, the well known martini glass. Because martinis typically do not contain ice, these glasses provide a long stem so the warmth of your hand doesnt warm the cocktail.

You may have also noticed that bars almost always serve their cocktails in glass and not plastic, this is important as well! The alcohol can act as a solvent on the plastic, especially when left to sit for a period of time or if it has a high alcohol conent. It then creates a “plasticy” flavor to the drink changing the overall taste, which needless to say is not the goal.

Ok, we’ve gone over drinking from different glassware, now let’s talk about washing it! Did you know that when washing a scotch (american single malt) glass you do not want to use soap or a brush to clean the glass? The best way to clean it is warm water and gently rubbing your fingers around the inside of the glass, before any residue has been left behind and dried. There is a chance, although small, that when washing a glass with soap that some of the soap residue will stay in the glass. The next time scotch is poured into that glass the soap will bind to the scotch’s aroma and alter both the smell and flavor. Not a risk I suggest taking.


I’ve created a little cheat sheet about some of the more common glassware you may see below.


Wine glass– There are two basic types of wine glasses, the red and the white. While both glasses will most likely haveĀ  astem the red wine glass with have a more round bowl shape to better aerate the wine while the white wine glass willhave a smaller opening so that the wine doesnt over aerate and oxidize to fast.

Flutes– These glasses are tall and thin to help keep those bubbles going for ya. Less surface area helps them to last longer.

Highball– These are your typical bar glass, they are nice and tall to make that drink look large! They are mostly used for drinks that do not contain as much alcohol as mixers.

Old Fashioned– These glasses are more likely to be used in a cocktail with more alcohol content. They also are frequently used if you are muddling, or just ordering a neat or on the rocks.

Glencairn– These are a favorite for me. These nosing glasses are perfectly made for tasting whiskey, and have been created to get the most flavor possible out of every sip.

Snifter- Cradle this baby in your hand as you swirl your spirit. The large bowl shape allows for a perfect gentle swirl and the wide top allows for the aroma to really escape the glass so you get a larger wiff of the flavor profile as you sip.

Now of course there are alot more options out there for you, we chose to share some of the more common glassware that you will see.

Reintroducing Ourselves

Hey there friend!

Nice to see you again! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a moment to chat, so we thought this would be the perfect oppurtunity to say hi, see how everyone is doing, and let you know what’s been going on in our world! You may already know that we have been busy creating a variety of new products. It has been wonderful to see how much everyone is loving them! We have definetly expanded our brand quite a bit, and in the process we have been making some in house changes too! We are so excited to let you know that we are offering private tastings at two locations now! We have introduced bourbon, rum, and vodka to the Spring House family, and there are even more things on the way!


Let’s take a minute to chat about some of these new products!

Filmore Rides Select- Our select is a five year aged whiskey that is smooth as butter! The sweet molasses taste will have your tastebuds watering and wanting more! It is the perfect on the rocks whiskey, smooth and well rounded with a wonderful rich flavor.

Doc Windle Bourbon- Our bourbon is amazing if I do say so myself, and I know that you may think I’m biast. Sure, maybe a tad, but this bourbon can hold its own! With its deep cherrywood flavors and subtle hints of vanilla this bourbon is truly one of a kind.

St Malachi Rum- Be sure to read the bio of our rum before purchasing, because there is a great story behind it! We’ll give you the summery here. We have partnered with a local church, yup you guessed it St. Malachi, to creat a rum that really honors their history. With their love and support we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each rum bottle bak to the church!

17 Hands Vodka- Meet our newest addition to the Spring House family! This vodka is smooth, earthy, and perfectly well rounded. Blending perfectly into a wide variety of cocktails, or standing out on its own, 17 hands is a showstopper! We like to think of it as having a martini without having to mix a thing!


This is just the start of our new family members! There will be more additions throughout the end of the year, and early next year as well! Please comment and let us know what you would be interested in seeing next!


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